How to Master The 5 Love Languages: Intro

How to Master The 5 Love Languages: Intro

My mother first introduced the 5 Love Languages to me when I was still in elementary school. She was OBSSESSED with trying to figure out our love languages. She used to give us little quizzes to figure out which one my brothers and I reacted too best.

When you’re a kid, you think that kind of stuff is stupid. And a major take away from playing video games or house or whatever you were doing. But, as an adult, I am so glad it was introduced into my life so early.

I know adults twice my age, who still haven’t figured out that there is in fact a correct way to love someone! And that every person varies!

In this series I will go over each language and how you can learn to apply it regularly – even if it isn’t your personal preference! But first – let’s go over the basics.

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What are the 5 Love Languages?

Originally, when Gary Chapman created his book “The Five Love Languages”, it was geared towards romantic relationships. However, it has since been rewritten for almost every kind of relationship. (My mom read “The Five Love Language of Children).

However, the principles are the same whether you are curious for your family, spouse or friendships. The 5 Love Languages are: Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Gifts and Acts of Service.


Physical Touch

This language is pretty self explanatory. When my mom first mentioned this one, I definitely raised an eyebrow. But it’s completely (mostly) PG, people. Physical Touch can include holding hands, hugging, cuddling, really any kind of physical interaction. Since this is the easiest one to grasp, I won’t go into to much detail. But I will provide great ideas and examples in another blog post! See How To Master Physical Touch


Words of Affirmation

Words of what? Words of Affirmation in their simplest forms are feel good statements. The biggest mistake people make with this language is assuming it’s just compliments. It is so much more! People who receive love via Words of Affirmation, require verbal validation from those most important to them. Things such as “I am proud of you” and “You are such a great mom!” really matter to someone who relies of words of affirmation to feel loved.

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Quality Time

Quality time can vary from person to person in what it actually entails. However, the main consensus seems to be that it means giving someone your undivided attention doing an activity together. Although, some people (like my husband) it just means being in the same vicinity. He’s pretty low maintenance 😉 If your lover is a man who needs a lot of attention, learn how to love him the way he truly needs it. Learn how to master quality time.




Ah gifts! The Love Language of Hollywood. Valentine’s Day makes a lot of money off of this language. But it doesn’t always have to be roses and chocolates! Or beer and steak – you know, whatever you’re into. Gifts can be homemade or out of the box. The point is that the receiver feels like you know them based off of the time and though you took to pick something out (or make it).

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Acts of Service

This is my favorite language! Acts of service could be as simple as your husband making your lunch for you in the morning or you cleaning your kid’s room because they have a hard test this week. The goal with Acts of Service is to take something off your loved one’s plate.


Wrapping it up!

Well, that’s it folks! That’s my summary of the Five Love Languages. I will spend the next month writing in depth posts about each individual language, so stay plugged in! In the following posts I will go over realistic tips and examples for the languages, how to know which love language your spouse responds too, and How to love in your spouse’s language (Even if it’s your least favorite!).


Take the Quiz: “What’s My Spouse’s Love Language?”

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