Confidence: You Decide Your Worth

You, my friend, have undeniable worth that no one can take away from you. But the only person who can give you that worth is yourself.

You Are The Sole Provider of The Confidence You Want

There’s a pretty common thing among this series that I hope you’ve picked up on. And that’s the fact that you get to bestow upon yourself the confidence you are looking for. No one else is going to give it to you and you certainly won’t wake up one morning having been sprinkled with confidence dust, ready to take on the world.

Nope, you’ve got to give it to yourself.

Let’s take a trip down metaphor lane, shall we?

When you go to a store and you find an item on clearance that you love, you don’t ask for it to cost more, do you? Even if you’d pay more for it! You still accept it for the value that has been placed on it. We purchase things for the amount they are priced at.

Do you see where I’m going with this…?

I would bet you good money that you are worth more than you are pricing yourself for! Our confidence comes from how much we feel we are worth. But guess what lady, YOU decide how much you are worth.

Do you want confidence? To attract a better audience? You want people to value you more?


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Doesn’t It Matter What Other People Think?


Because back to my beautifully crafted metaphor (just a casual back pat there), people will buy a thing for the price they are listed for.

So the first step to others thinking highly of you is for you to think highly of yourself!

When you raise your price, when you decide you are worth a lot more than you’ve been giving yourself credit for, you will start to walk differently. In fact, you’ll start talking different, thinking different.

And suddenly just by raising your self-worth, you have created a whole new you. You have created your own confidence. And when other people see your confidence, they will respect it.

People respect confidence in people, regardless of whether or not that person “deserves” to be confident.

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But What If I Don’t Feel Confident?

The most common comment people make to me when I’m sharing my confidence theory is “But I don’t feel confident. I have to change how I feel first.”

And I just don’t believe that is true.

The reason you don’t feel confident is that you don’t think you are worth it. so ACTUALLY, you can’t change how you feel until you change how you think!

So take the two previous points and RAISE YOUR PRICE. Decide logically how much you are worth.

Are you kind? Are you are a hard worker? Do you have a big heart?

What traits do you value in others? Do you possess any of those traits? Perhaps, try asking your friends and family what their favorite traits about you are.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, even people you think are overflowing with confidence struggle with self-doubt. And just because you are struggling with self-doubt or self-consciousness doesn’t mean you can’t be confident.

Confidence is not a lack of self-doubt. Instead, it is the conscious decision that you have worth.

Let Me Butter You Up A Little

You are incredible.

God created the whole world. He made the entire universe. He created magnificent creatures and the oceans and fields. Earth is overflowing is beauty and wonderment.

And after he finished this perfect creation, he looked around and decided the world needed YOU.

Your thoughts, your opinions, your talents, and heart. Everything that you are and everything that you are not. You are exactly how God wanted to make you.

Now with all that being said, you are deserving of confidence. You deserve to believe in yourself.

I believe in you.

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