You’re probably here because you want to know either a) who the heck I am or b) what in the world do I write about.

You’ve come to the right place!

Are We A Good Fit?

If you are looking to better yourself, your marriage, or overcome trauma – welcome home, my friend.

What Do I Write About?

My whole purpose for this blog is to share the things I’ve learning that helped me overcome my post traumatic stress and anxiety. Along my journey to inner-healing I also learned what it means to have healthy relationships and how to be better at having them! It is my other passion and I believe the two go hand in hand.

On my blog you will find the following topics:

  1. Self-Help: Where I focus on those inner-healing tips I talked about. For example, check out my post about Managing Emotional Dysregulation
  2. Relationships: I am no expert, but my husband and I have weathered quite a few rocky circumstances together and I’ve learned a lot from it. The 5 Love Languages are a life saver! Learn them!
  3. Inside Look: Learn what I have been through, where I get my knowledge, what my life looks like now, and more.

How Did This Blog Get Started?

I started this blog because I knew two things.

1. Trauma Sucks.

2. Personal Growth is Hard.

I battled with those two realities for a long time and I wanted to share that experience. But on top of sharing what I went through, I desperately wanted to share how I got through it. I wanted to help YOU! So after months of trying to figure out how I could do that, I decided a blog would be the best way.

Danielle Dempsey

So who the heck am I?

My name is Danielle. I just recently got married (hence why the nicest pic of myself is in a big poofy white dress). I have a strong desire to obtain as much knowledge as possible – especially about things I can work on. My husband likes to tell me that I would win the Olympic Medal for Google-ing – if it existed. But let’s keep it real, I am not an expert. I don’t have my name on a fancy piece of paper or anything. But I am someone who has seen and lived some of the darker realities of this world. With a lot of hard work and research, I managed to find healing and I am constantly learning how to live a balanced life. I’m here to share it with you and take you along on the journey.


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